A Calling

A Calling

out on the periphery
perhaps on the horizon
listen, listen
there is a calling

it is tugging at us
we cannot ignore it
for it will only get louder
until we respond

quiet, and listen
feel into the vibration
the peripheries of our own
our energetic spheres
are attuning to the call

more than our physical bodies
we are energetic fields
radiating and receiving
countless exchanges

so let it be love
our focused intention
let love be our essence
that leads all emotions

our energetic fields
can expand and recede
focus on the periphery
what call do we receive?

it is a very high vibration
the women hear it first?
it enters the heart
with a magnitude that could burst

a bursting of emotion
love and elation
and a vision is ignited
of transformational creation

once believed impossible
now it’s confirmed
transformational repurposing
into what we have yearned

for all we want is peace
to love and be loved
to have no more suffering
that’s what we’ve dreamed of

the call is to recognize
that we are the transformers
simply by loving
we’re the system builder informers

an intention to care for
where we live and for each other
seizing every opportunity
to share and to recover

recovering the balance
of what’s given and received
understanding it’s not actions
but thoughts that are perceived

thought forms, body language
in it’s most powerful form
this is the communication
of a species reborn

answering the call
we retreat to digest
and will emerge into our wholeness
knowing we’ve been blessed

gagi       08/24/15