The Two-Way Mirror

The Two-Way Mirror

the two-way mirror is reflecting both ways
on one side it reflects what we see
the two-way mirror is trying to please
but what’s reflected depends on the seer

do we see beauty or do we see faults?
that is the mirage of a mirror
what we choose to see is what it will be
with sight connected to love or to fear

on the other side of the mirror
there is no reflection, not in the sense of mirroring
what is reflected is within; a response to a truth
engineered by clear sight that’s not mirrored

on this side of the mirror we can see straight thru
we witness what is actually there
how we respond, well it goes well beyond
a mirror image, it’s from the other side of a pair

this is our twin who can really look in
and see exactly how we are
sometimes a shock to see how we lock
into ways inflexible and afar

we are given this chance to really enhance
the ways that we do and we are
to be so in touch with our potential selves is such
an opportunity we can’t afford to bar

a heaviness is here because our vision isn’t clear
our sight must be linked to our hearts
to understand how it feels then nothing conceals
the truth of our co-joined parts

the mirror then dissolves and all this involves
a marriage of our once separated selves
we feel into our wholeness, a touch of the holiness
placing the past where it belongs on the shelves

gagi        08/26/15