Tubular Theory

Tubular Theory

thanks for the question on tubular theory
we’re happy to answer this important query
tubes are passageways, delivery means
allowing exchanges and balancing memes

those with abundance are able to share
sending to others all they can spare
those who are lacking seek out redundance
places that could possibly share their abundance

it is easy to flow from a place of abundance
flowing into scarcity, where its a welcomed advance
like a dam holding back water that’s about to burst the dam
it’s easy to release the excess to the neighbouring dry lands

for where there is lack and often oppression
there is a desperation felt, wanting to be freed from repression
for basic survival a clear passageway is sought
seeking to fill a need with a flow that’s not blocked

the tubes all exist but not yet reciprocal flow
if peace and safety and happiness is our goal
humanity has to recognize they hold the key for suffering to end
what is the message we can work on and send?

to focus on humanitarian actions – not commercial transactions?
not on who gains the most but on how we can host
others to share our abundance, simply caring
with a generosity reciprocated by a gratitude pairing

compassion is needed
let the tubular theory be heeded
and let the reciprocal flow grow

gagi       08/28/15