Focus on the Children

Focus on the Children

can there be a better intent in these times that present
than to focus on the children?
those who we love, who we’ve dreamed for and of
let us design now their future

what does it take to recognize the mistake
of misguided creativity?
return now to the power within, time to begin
with a prayer for guidance

cherish our past, where we did not doubt peace would last
and play it forward
visit the future, forming details from the blur
and bring it home

we are the dream sayers, we are the future layers
being conscious of that
what we desire must burn as a fire
for our children beyond

never before has the future in store
been so uncertain
knowing we have the power, let us rise as a tower
of strength and explore

the new frontier requires leaders to steer
thru the path of renewal
and all must commit for it’s not time to sit
on the comforts we’ve known

the children are our seed, to cherish and feed
and to honour their future
life must return to a balance, acting now not to take a chance
with the influence of misguidance

tune into the heart song, we share it, we belong
to a race capable of mindfulness
let our hearts beat together so we reconfigure the weather
calming climate and rage

let us set the stage

let us turn the page

for our children, the future

gagi       09/02/15