A Love Poem

A Love Poem

yes now i have left you
no longer entangled
you own your perspectives
and which way they are angled

the gemini twins
and a sagittarian soul
offer perspectives
that can influence your goal

to truly felt heard
you must also be wise
so listen to others
they are you in disguise

others reflect
back to you your true being
it is not what you think
it is what they are seeing

i witness you now
and many do too
call on our support
we are here for you

to be your potential
honesty is essential
heal all divisions
that are multi-dimensional

marry the myths
those far away thoughts
that bring comfort and joy
to the life that you’ve sought

it is truly your life
do as you choose
be cautious in your alliances
for you have so much to lose

ask for forgiveness
from those you have harmed
understand it is love
that makes another heart warmed

blessings of the future
it is yours to evolve
love is the answer
may all your troubles be solved

in lak’ech ala k’in

bp/gagi      06/17/19