His Legacy of Love

His Legacy of Love

aspects of our being
elements recycling, rebirthing
what new structures are we seeing?

perhaps we don’t acknowledge
the tracking of our lives
it is not a journey of accumulation
it is a journey far inside

we have arrived here and were cared for
in an atmosphere of love
sometimes there were times we needed
guidance from above

calling in the ancestors
the ones who have gone before
they see the bigger picture
and know what we need of more

more love, compassion
gifting our whole presence
supporting the multitudes
seeking to find heart resonance

parables of jockeying
then merging into one
the ultimate one life time
when all is said and done

thank you William
thank you Bill and Pet
thank you Tree, Papa, Dad
thanks for us having met

we love you
we honour you
you have touched us with your love
tuning in to these frequencies
that have travelled with your soul
we feel no separation
for together we are whole

one life lived now
within the multitudes he touched
from simplitude to magnitudes
blessed are we as such

physically he leaves us
and has but one request
simply grow the love that you are
and destiny will do the rest

gagi       06/23/19