A New Alignment

A New Alignment

for indeed to move forward will require a change
a new way of doing, a time to rearrange
a quagmire exists if the matrix stays undefined
what systems exist that we may all be aligned?

we have birthed from our passion a field of deliverance
knowing our work can pull the world out of ambivalence
each has a key to the system developing
each has a position in the space that’s enveloping

enveloping the seed that we have just planted
be it later, be it now, room to be expanded
holding the vision of those past and present
listening to those who are here to help augment

recognizing and honouring the skills that each holds
understanding their experience, their thoughts and their goals
doing this all without opposition or judgement
anchoring these skill sets so they can support the equator

the equator constitutes the parallel of latitude zero
where all sit in circle, equated as equal
once aligned from the centre, our expression now enabled
we have the scope for freedom of action and thought

some will bring their wisdom to present to the circle
some will bring their observations to help to define
some will ask questions enlarging the understanding
all will contribute as we develop and plan

let us always connect as one heart in high resonance
let us be grateful for the blessing we have come here to serve
let us experience the birthing of this new way of being
and bring it into action as we grow love each day

gagi        11/06/15