Spinning the Matrix

Spinning the Matrix

spinning the matrix, collecting it in
attracting, attracting, bringing into the spin
webweavers galactic and further beyond
forming, reshaping a new fractal bond

spiralling instincts to arcing the light
rainbow reflections emerging from white
contrasting edges of the left and the right
balancing emergence from the dark sacred night

wobbling centres of a matrix endorsed
observers anchoring form as it’s morphed
witnessing structures with foundational spin
movement that’s constant without and within

marginal expansion beyond what is seen
motivational splendours beyond what has been
changing perspectives, experiencing the bend
feeling the elation as we begin to comprehend

mastering the ability to love all that is
participating in a passionate and communal quiz
questioning, redefining the potentials displayed
weaving the textures with colours inlaid

monumental incredence of fractal designed ways
enjoying the diversity of multitudinal displays
knowing the beginning and the end will not be
for spinning the matrix is absolute and free

gagi        11/09/15