The Gift of Opportunity

The Gift of Opportunity

the gift of opportunity dissolving the mind
an evolutionary turning point for all of mankind
spanning millennia the human mind grew
and then its awareness of what it could do

an awareness of the present as being impermanent
a development of the ability to fine tune discernment
catapulting our beingness into the future
returning with abilities that newness will nurture

now an awareness that the mind can now rest
for we have the ability to know by request
into the field our senses have reached
and the role of the ego has now been impeached

sensory networks are attuned to the heart
and the brain is the centre of coordinating art
the art of creating from perspectives received
the art of movement towards what we can be

ever the posture of Creator’s design
seeking our divinity unto which we align
expanding into the ocean of love
swimming as dolphins amidst what we dream of

the gift of opportunity now comes to the front
our passion, our abilities here to confront
all out of resonance with the tectonic field
Earth our birth mother awaits her current crop’s yield

gagi        11/10/15