A New Octave

A New Octave

there is now a new octave
added to what we have
it’s arrived in the centre
it will be our new mentor

it is the new middle point
it is flexible like a joint
it is the premonition
before making a decision

the scale and the amplitude
carries a different mood
it quietens the mind
it allows us to find

to find our creative force
to connect to the very source
where all minds are one
and where creation’s begun

listen to all sounds and scale
lowest tones are often male
these deepest tones can anchor you
allowing in a distant view

expanding the threshold of the new
the new octave spread and grew
into the central sphere
allowing us to bring far near

to play in the quantum field
to magnify creation’s yield
by working together
to free up, untether

to play with the building blocks
to listen as creation talks
the holographic views of scale
from minnow to the largest whale

specify our intentions here
foundations for us changing gear
working from the new octave sphere
enables creation’s landing gear

to bring new form – new ways to be
into the present from infinity
quality, yes cherished gifts
scripting many new world myths

inspiring the creative force
flowing on its focused course
loving and in alignment
we have asked for this assignment

we were heard
and have been given the tools
to unravel all the colourful spools
multiple threads to weave the new

each taking a thread or tone
we begin

gagi    11/17/13