A Yellow Grass Path

A Yellow Grass Path

what if all the old roads led to nowhere at all
and we suddenly realized their illusionary call
and we wanted to go somewhere so important to us
how can we get there? can’t hop on a bus

it begins with a step
the first step on a path
and with an intention to draw
a very new map

the destination a vision
and a burning desire
creating a new way to play
with water, earth, air and fire

by respecting all life
and how we all affect each other
every step that we take
must also be for our brother

our brother a whale
our sister a tree
the butterfly world
the waters that be

so conscious are we
as we purposefully walk
knowing this pathway
will be seen by the hawk

and the eagle and all
the high flying crew
they can see the bigger picture
of what our pathway leads to

splendid is the journey
creating the way
small steps or giant
knowing we can’t stay

can’t stay in a place
where all roads have been built
to destinations that don’t make sense
and would end up with guilt

the guilt and the shame
low emotions to feel
we are now choosing destinations
visionary but real

creating new paths
a step at a time
walking together
sharing the fine

the fine of the finite
and the infinite too
the potential to get there
in all that we do