tuning in, turning on
what will this day spawn?
energies immense
now what will condense?

understanding coming thru
a knowing sense of what is true
a new flow and a connection
received from section by section

and a word then appears
written as the inner one hears
the word is abondais
what are they trying to say?

as the friends are invited in
new embodiments did begin
and as the teachers were acknowledged
radiant Light appeared in full foliage

Ah so true, our greatest Teacher
whose Light surrounds and bathes each creature
to begin the day feeling this presence
is something to cherish forever hence

then calling to the guides that surround us
an awareness of the points that hold us
geometric points of view
holographic support to cue

to cue us as we walk our path
to leave love and joy as our aftermath*
it took a long time to tune in
so much happened – a win win win

now back to the word abondais
what was the message? what did they say?
to the internet for an answer
oh beautiful…an active dancer

the word it dances and is French
it means to be in abundance
abound, be plentiful, be filled with
overflow with (LOVE)

the word came thru from the Akashic keepers
delivered to us God’s holy seekers
and then there came a recognition
of another teacher’s choice submission
sharing her grandmother’s enthusiastic exclamation

abbondanza – the Italian equivalent:
abundance, richness, wealth, affluence
and a historical meaning too:
the foodstuffs and other materials needed by a city;
the warehouse where it is stored….

the warehouse doors are wide and open
materials stored to build all we’re hoping
and dreaming and envisioning to create
beginning now with a clean slate

the materials, the tools
the Love and the Light
working together
what will we ignite?

* farming term for a second growth crop;
new grass growing after mowing or harvest

gagi     11/19/13