A Piece of Peace

A Piece of Peace

positioned in the interlude
with objects of desire
objects of comfort and of beauty
acquired to inspire

penetrate the denseness
of the chaos that surrounds
seek the magic of the emptiness
from where creation knows no bounds

sponsor the new happenings
that arrive from those inspired
honour the simplicity
of the peace that all desire

love the little presents
that are wrapped with tender care
gifting and receiving thus
‘tween hearts opened and bare

mystical, imaginary
know not what is real
potentiality exists
and cannot be concealed

fragments of the past designs
dissolve into the myst
only to reappear once more
as functionary bits

oh to live, to love, to be
the perfection of desire
each a part, a working part
of the peace we’ll all acquire

gagi     07/10/16