The Spray

The Spray

handed a sheet of paper
given the words “the spray”
called upon to write
as night owl from the day

oft we seem to wander forth
on a path that beckons boldly
only to then realize
we’ve stopped and there stand coldly

why did we come? what did we seek?
what passion past did lead us?
what clarity, the now dispersed
of purpose never questioned?

to recognize we are a spray
a small branch of the tree
the tree of life, our parenthood
growth living, seeking, free

the journey of seeking the light
exploring the unknown
stops only when we realize
the direction we have grown

to stop, be still and focus on
our awareness of the source
the gift of life, the aptitude
to bravely journey forth

no matter what direction taken
it is always to seek the light
and the experience of seeking thus
brings meaning to this night

a spray upon the tree of life
what ever could be better?
a unique piece of wonderment
the spray
inscribed in descriptive letters

gagi       07/05/16