A Prayer for Peace

A Prayer for Peace
let us pray for peace
and from our hearts release
vibrational waves of love
connecting to our Earth and to above
let us understand that there still are some
who feel acts of aggression can be done
to control and take away from others
breaking all that the Rule of Peace covers
let us send our support and love
to those who suffer
understanding the definition
of mental illness will cover
those who command such atrocities
and we pray for help
may we find new ways to bring about peace
for our retaliation to acts of war and our weaponry
can only release
more suffering
let us be creative in how we reach out to those
who live in the country whose leader is one they chose
the leader who has been named
as the one who can be blamed
for this act of war
perhaps they can be the ones
who also do not want to lose their daughters, their sons
and also want peace in their land
for they are responsible for who they allow to command
and taint and paint their country’s reputation
let all come together
to decide as to whether
they can allow this to continue
for the heart of a country
is its people
let us all pray for peace
let the old ways cease
any feelings of hatred and anger we release
let us be love
what we as humans are so capable of
let us be love
gagi     02/25/22