A Skip in Time

A Skip in Time

the skipping rope time line lay peaceful and still
undisturbed by the movement around it
the movement became organized and came into form
and a great hand of change reached out to shake it

one end of the skipping rope was given a shake
and a great ripple was sent down the timeline
the surge of the energy was released at the the end
and the timeline then rested suspended in time

what was the effect of that almighty shake
and what was the power that shook it?
a restlessness, uneasiness to continue this way
and a desire to break away from its future

an organized power released what could be
and the rope of time skipped to a new lie
lying in stillness, the past all released
a new seed of time begins to sprout

a sprouting vibration that wants to move on
and the line readies to become the conduit
the timeline is hollow allowing for flow
and the organized movement calms to a glow

the seed of beginnings is warmed so to sprout
into a vision once believed in
the growth of the vision will soon begin to flow
and it’s becoming and destiny is not to know

not to know but to grow with our love and attention
as the skipping rope of time lies again in suspension
the new has been birthed into a progression of time
with an organized intention for all to align

eliminating any constrictions that could block the flow
carried towards beauty and the ability to grow
the future of Love

gagi        10/02/15