A Song

A Song

A song to be sung
is more than the words
A song fills the heart
with more than is heard

A song filled with passion
encompasses all
A song takes you somewhere –
a total free-fall…

A space to be
where you are free
Surrounded by
tone low or high

A song resonates
and awakens the soul
A song is a vehicle
to come to your whole

A song is a sequence
of rhythm and rhyme
A song is accompaniment
travelling through time

Take time alone
Resonate with tone
Make it your goal
to unite with your whole

A song’s about being
more than you’re seeing
A song celebrates
your uniqueness that’s freeing

A song can be repeated,
added to and re-heated
A song is eternal
You can birth it – maternal

Be you that song
Unite and belong
Sing from your heart
United to start

gagi     TBL