The Transformers

The Transformers

The transformers are here
and there’s nothing to fear
They’re helping to show the Way

How you exist
can change with a twist
and you can become the new

How you define
what is yours and what’s mine
maybe will give you a clue

If we’re unique yet the same
then there’s nothing to gain
in not sharing all that we are

Our possessions, our thoughts,
what we’ve just bought
are gifts for all to share

The lives that we’ve lived
and the gems that we’ve sieved
from the past can be brought to light

The wisdom we’ve found
and the love that abounds
are the elements of transformation

Feel into your hearts
Give a twist, fall apart
And return transformed as the New

The new, the new who?
Only you’ll know what’s true
Your wholeness is of Love and of Light

You’re expected dear ones
Every daughter and son
Transformation on Earth has begun

gagi   TBL   06/04/10