Tree of Life

Tree of Life

The seed of the evermore
was planted once and not before
The seed it grew into a tree
bearing fruit and the seeds of you and me

Look back to the gateway of sacred elevens
where the seed was planted in the Heavens
It split and sprouted a root and a stem
for Creator knew the purpose of them

The root grew below and the stem grew above
strengthening the channel to communicate with Love
The root became many and the stem grew its branches
The Tree of Life began its heavenly dances

The roots gave stability
the branches gave freedom
growing into a form
radiating out through the Treedom

Forget not the purpose
of the Tree God created
All are connected
all emancipated

The roots seek to nourish
reaching to the dark void
The branches seek light
from sun, star, asteroid

The void is Potential
the Light is essential
allowing expansion of Creation
from station to station

Station Earth is our home
yet know we’re not alone
And each is a tree
seeded to be free

The Tree of Life here
is the shape of a sphere
and it spins counter clockwise
the Sun appearing to rise

This movement gives access
as we spin on an axis
to both Potential and Light:
– the dark void of the night
– day’s Sun that gives sight

Given the gifts of Potential and
Light that’s essential
and the freedom of choice
oh let us rejoice!

If we remember the purpose
of the branches and roots,
let us co-create and dance
to the heavenly flutes

Let Love flow from the roots and into the branches
touched by the Light and all it enhances,
flowing back through the trunk and into the roots,
circulating up once again and growing the fruits

The fruits thus created
are nourished with Love
and Love is the flow
between Below and Above

You too are a tree,
similar in form,
so remember the purpose
to which you were born

Feel the Love of the Earth
flow up from your feet,
up into your arms
stretched to the Light Love will meet

The Light from Above
and Potential from Below –
You are the Love
when you are the Flow

gagi     TBL     06/03/10