The Mar 

The Mar


Be ready – into the infinity.

Spare no time to pack.

There is nothing to bring.

You are expected there.
Be at peace and respond to the call.
Quality and tempo divine is the fruit of the ages
to be gathered and shared.

Be truthful to all as you open the Way
and truthful to self in all that you say.
Magnify the prospects of all that’s divine
and bring in the light that is waiting to shine.
Specifically do that which is envisioned
and do not be influenced in making decisions.
Love with your hearts and hold out your hands.
Feel there your guidance but never commands.
Enhance what you know with the essence of love
and wear that knowing – it will fit as a glove.
The hands are the tools – as are the eyes.
The simplicity of nothingness has been devised.

From nothing to all – the full spectrum of love,
fly with that knowingness, fly like the dove.
Cherish the oneness, the wholeness you find.
Cherish the journey and be the divine.

Hold all to your hearts as the children they are
and never be distanced for no one is far.
Surrounded by love is the purest of light.
Surrounded by love there will never be night.
Surrounded by love you become a bright star.
Surrounded by love empowers the Mar*.
The Mar is what makes – the past was what takes.
The Mar will become as you focus your hearts.

Gather now together and be the new wave –

A swirl and a cresting to engulf all the old
and receding again to expose what’s to unfold.
Be gentle and kind in the process dear friends
and always present the gifts with no end.
The love, yes the love, is the all and the seed.
There IS nothing else –
multitudes you can feed.

Marry the love, the love that is given
to each and to all – exclusions are forbidden.
Carry the essence of love in your light
and be prepared to lift up to the flight not the fight.
The flight of the dove – so gentle and pure
yet each dove is unique and can also endure
its very own journey and all that it meets
for only with love – yes it is love that speaks.
Fly into the dawn and soar with the breeze.
Carry your essence with the greatest of ease.
Spin with the spiral and above and below.
Become part of the pathway so others can go.
Your essence will light the tunnel of love,
connecting the aggregates of below and above.
Be true to your course
and be where you are.
Looking back and ahead can diminish a star.
Cherish the newness of feeling divine.
Be humble, yes humble,
for it flows through the spine.

Living in gratitude for all that is given –
a humbleness is evoked as we recognize the prism.
The rainbow results once the light is expanded
to show the observer Creator has planned it.
Rejoice and be playful.
Dance in the heavens.
You have company there and are blessed to the elevens.
Elevens are gateways awaiting your presence.
Walk, fly or just float through these passageways plenty
and be part of the web that expands into the empty.

Go now and replace the stillness with grace.
Be and let be.
Love and be love.
Generate that in a oneness – a dove.
Each be a feather – so light and essential
To carry the bird to the next near dimensional.
Go now and love, within and without.
Wholeness dear friends – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

gagi   TBL   05/17/10

 * the Marcan be defined as “the ocean of infinite love” and appears in many subsequent poems