A Wanting

A Wanting

awakening now to simply a wanting
a call comes from deeply within
a pull, a desire, a presence that’s haunting
recognize it, call it forth, let it spin

love can surely be extended
in a way all is mended
so that peace and goodwill
enters all lives and survives

we know we have access
thru prayer/meditation practice
to the all of the options and ways

let us pray/ask for guidance
tuning in to the silence
and listen to the wisdom displayed

by becoming the new
in all that we do
the changes will be modelled
and stay

transformational becoming
pages are turning
a new story emerging
bring it forth
let this wanting become

quiet the doubt
set it free, let it out
the want of love
to be present in all forms

the beauty of love erases the past
the permanence of love
a knowingness that lasts
the emergence of love
intensifying in form
love as the greatest
form to be born
let us be love
and let us

gagi        10/06/15