A word has appeared
The meaning of this

Accoutrement tells us
we each carry a piece
Something very special
to bring to the feast

Yes we have sameness
but we’re each quite unique
Diverse in our backgrounds
Some new, some antique

What is the gem
we carry this time?
To come into this life
we waited in line

Anxious to be here
The changing of clocks
A brand new beginning
Would we wear stripes or spots?

What was the gem
each chose to bring here this time?
A diamond? A feather?
Profound or sublime?

What was the accoutrement
each wanted to add?
The enhancing ingredient
to spice life a tad

Unwrap that gift
We’re gathering now
Time for the gifting
Present with a bow

An accoutrement savoured
when added to life
to bring out new flavours
new potentials
new joy

Oh what a recipe
we’re about to employ!
Come to the table
and let us enjoy!

gagi       09/26/13