From the Heart of the Mother

From the Heart of the Mother

From the heart of the Mother
there sings a tune
It resonates with all
We were cocooned

We were held within
that nurturing place
The liquid womb
of warmth and grace

We were held with love
so we could grow
and the miracle of life
we were soon to know

This life a gift
A cherished time
The arrival celebrated,
honoured – divine

The Mother now
she held us close
with the warmth and protection
of a heavenly host

We dreamt a lot
as we continued to grow
An awareness of surroundings
we started to know

The Mother encouraged us
with smiles and play
Our interaction and bonding
growing each day

Then came the time
Time to ex plore
Curiousity grew
We ex plored more

Mother was there
to watch us play
With wisdom and patience
she taught The Way

The Mother’s love
extended past
any challenge we met
Her help was cast

Then we were blessed
Our freedom grew
Time to seek
and to understand too

She always knows
just where we are
A bond so deep
no concept of “far”

Connected to
this love divine
we are the fruit
on humanity’s vine

gagi     09/27/13

ex – “one that formerly held a specified position or place”
plore – “an exhibit in a science museum which the visitor is encouraged to handle or otherwise explore; a hands-on exhibit”
ex plore seems to mean leaving the protection of the Mother’s field to have a hands-on experience of life