An Epic on Time

An Epic on Time

don’t ever try to define the limits of time
don’t give it space in your descriptions
in its experiential form into which you were born
time simply maps out your inscriptions

the chronology of a life is inscribed like a knife
etching in the annals of time
akashic records are kept by those who are adept
in receiving vibrational rhyme

spacial contusions can cause such confusions
that epics can be lost or inspired
capturing the essence and all its magnificence
become records that never expire

the records are there to be accessed and repair
a sequential repeat of lives’ patterns
to understand this is to fall into the abyss
where nothingness pulls one out of despair

the mirrored aren’t opposites just ways of perceiving
windows thru time, views to conceiving
linear expansions into multi-form transoms
equations descriptive of design

the weave and the woven create an explosion
of infinite variations thru time
the intricate webbing, with inflow and ebbing
creation expands the sublime

your thoughts are the matrix not what you do
your journey defined by intensions
subjective decisions, random exports
contain the matter of extensions

time is of the essence of exploratory excursions
the mind travelling in and out of immersions
experiencing the concepts, the pleasures and more
realizing our differences expand from a core

emotions and heart songs vibrational markings
influencing the next journey on which one is embarking
feelings that influence a journey to discernment
possibilities of continuation or even adjournment

belief systems reflecting our individual quests
throughout the epic of time

gagi        08/14/15