Do What You Love

Do What You Love

do what you love, brightly embroidered on a cushion
bought to remind us that this is our mission
to passionately engage in all that we do
and watch our world blossom in the spirit of renew

to be present and observant, using all of our senses
gives a richness and appreciation to multi-dimensions
our hearts start to glow when all is received
the intricate interweaving of all that’s perceived

attuned to what is working, a moving platform of sorts
this a foundation with many welcoming ports
what can arrive and deliver new additions
to add to what’s working and create new renditions?

oh and to love what we do…an excitement now builds
we start every day joined in creative web guilds
each adding perspectives and honouring others
we’re a creative maxi-force, all challenges it covers

a maxi-force of creation, laying waste to all suffering
enhancing the best, sometimes cleansing or buffering
loving the genius that dwells within all
combining our genius and answering the call

now is the time, no limits are set
no rules for us in our limitless quest
hearts that are burning with a love so inspired
caring for life is all that’s required

to do what we love, the rewards are then shared
the senses receive beauty, unique not compared
into this day, we bring all that we are
each a powerful ray of a newly formed star

gagi       08/13/15