An Interruption

An Interruption

an interruption has occurred today
a splice in time was framed to stay
magnified resonance has occurred
the past elapsed and memory blurred

filaments of light arrived to stay
marking the commencement of the new way
bridling constraints released now gone
checkpoints alerted no longer conform

precious segues have entered the field
potential margins waiting to yield
alerted tuned waves building to press
against the membranes holding the rest

captured filaments, strands of unknown
swirling together creating a zone
thickened, then liquid when observed
ready to be poured into the unheard

earthward below contained within
a symmetry to what was seen could begin
swirling filaments of energy light
come to fuse together, brilliantly bright

once observed and completely unheard
the formation of a sun has just occurred
it exists – it is done – it was planned – it has come
now to be balanced by the magic of one

gagi   03/22/15