The Silver Capstone

The Silver Capstone

the silver capstone can now be placed
its time has come thru love and grace
replacing what was once said to be gold
mirroring silver reflects all that is told

resources arrived can come into form
the magnificence of creating what’s to be born
united together, merged in the surge
images, feelings, new descriptive words

balanced to spin fiberoptics contained
elemental fusions, stable, sustained
sound is a mixing pot to the emergence
holding the ingredients of the insurgence

silver reflects, it also conducts
and an orchestrated creation blends the influx
… above sow below…..
readying now with the new seeds to sow

jimmy the jaw ways whatever that means
what will come into being will first be unseen
spatial awareness cannot be confused
with the structures arriving, reality mused

be now aware there is still much to do
the adaptive process has been given to few
it is yours to anchor and yours to implement
your love and your wisdom
being the cement

gagi   03/22/15