An Invitation to Explain

An Invitation to Explain

we are all invited to enter the zone
we have come together out of our alone
carrying the elements of a new design
anticipatory of how we’ll refine

refining the new seems upside down
so to deepen perspectives we’ll gather around
we’ll see the form as we speak it’s being
and so it will become from what we’re seeing

magical envelopment ensphering the myst
capturing the essence, the catalyst
to pull into form the dreamers’ divine
absolute precision is what we’ll define

and so it will be as never before
the key maker’s dilemma to unlock that door
it isn’t one key that is going to fit
we each carry a key that unlocks a bit

and what is our key we’ve been invited to share
and how to explain what we know of the where?
the where we are going, we’re not standing still
there is movement involved and so is our will

the will to release the past and dissolve it
the will to create beauty and to evolve it
the will to be the wholeness of who we are
the will to be the love that empowers the mar

blessed are we for we have been heard
blessed are all for our lives assured
blessed and grateful for all that is
made of the light, a gift of His

gagi        11/03/15