Bridges of Time

Bridges of Time

you have travelled the bridges of time
each wave was received by your spine
coursing thru you, as a metaphor too
were the experiences of many life times

precluding the longitudinal lines
was a spaciousness empty of time
a vacuum of sorts, readied for imports
contiguous of an attraction that binds

humanity was a gift of the ages
often influenced by the sages
many who knew, as experienced by you
that our emotional cords turn the pages

be now aware as you venture out there
that your power has now been exposed
what is pulling you on, creation’s very song
is transcending the need to be paired

for as you pretend, separation will end
the aloneness dissolved by your hearts
hearts now aligned, tempered by the spine
the spiral conversions combined

the turn of a curve allows you to observe
the past soon moves out of sight
an intention or desire to be consumed by the fire
of love
now fuels an emergence defined as entire

the newness you feel is starting to peel
the layers of darkness that conceal
objects of faith and what’s been at stake
containing the spoils of deliverance

master the mind so to be never confined
in the cells of starvation thru isolation
newly set forth and together import
the elements of your new creation

the expansion together holds an awareness of all
you have connected to answer your call
bring forth your beauty and live as you be
be the observers as you create co-singularity

all have aspired to be more thru love
you will become all you’ve dreamed of
holding the space, actions conceived
multi-minded coordinates as form is believed

believed into being as you now readily know
is the art of creation whether instant or slow
you are given the space, embraced with grace
go now and enter the flow

gagi        11/04/15