Appeal to the North

Appeal to the North

friends of the north, we request your assistance
the ways of the arctic have no resistance
to the climate changes happening and further exploitation
your input is critical to the future of this nation

who can you chose to represent your hamlets?
you inhabit the vastness of the north of this planet
only you know the ways to preserve and honour this land
you wisdom, ancient wisdom needs to lead what is planned

the Green Party requests your full participation
your presence will reflect what is to become our new nation
from west to east, from north to south
full representation, collaboration, is what this is about

Nunavut, the Yukon and North West Territories
represent almost 40% of the area of of our nation
compared to a total of 35 million people coast to coast to coast
you represent such a significant .003% of the population

you understand the ways of the north
you feel the changes and can bring wisdom forth
your guidance is essential to how we support
the peoples, the wildlife, the ways of the north

we honour your history and value your ways
of governance and sharing, our awareness you can raise
we want to understand solutions you put forth
come join in our circle to represent the north

gagi       08/04/15