Property Address(ed)

Property Address(ed)

this property has been an experiment in collaboration
some like it hot, some like it cold
some like a mix and it can be over sold
what is the answer for us?

to keep it and rent where the history is known
to sell and reinvest hoping the value can be grown
these things we ponder, these issues are complex
we are tired right now so have trouble in this quest

a quest to find out just what is the best
we are living in times of global unrest
trusting our counsel is a very good thing
but when counsel’s away the warning bells ring

what work is involved if we manage it now?
the landscaping is first and that we know how
the roof under the tree and trim that needs paint
a few steps at the suite, dirty decks that are quaint

to freshen it up will take almost no time
the investment costs little, the return is just fine
whenever we need to we can sell it again
now the market is buoyant, what about then?

to sell now we are released from a responsibility of care
the tenants, the systems, the timing, the fare
how much rent do we charge, what expenses to carry?
we have more decisions to make or should we just take the ferry

a time in our lives when we want freedom to be
to look after family and the world still to see
to live in connection to the parts of life that we cherish
keeping a rental house? make sense or just garish?

all our eggs in one basket? property rich?
can we be good future landlords or is there a hitch?
what could be better if we choose to invest?
we are asking for guidance, can you do the rest?

we will wait for an answer and know it to be true
we will exercise patience in knowing what to do
please make it soon as others will be affected
we‘ll carry on now so nothing is neglected

until soon, many thanks, the owners

gagi      08/04/15