what is your message?
you landed in my hair
was it to wake me up?
make me more aware?

a buzz and a bump
i did not know what it was
asked my husband to check
and didn’t want to hurt you beecause
you’re another me

he flicked you away
and again i did ask
what was it that landed?
“a bee”,  he answered at last

what kind of a bee
was it a bumble bee?
no he responded
it was a honey bee

a honey bee in the month of March?
a few days past snow as observed during our watch
on the wild west coast of a west coast island
far out on a beach,  not on a sheltered highland

and so you landed
and in that instant expanded
both awareness and magic
like a transmitor  gadget

and all i can do
is remain still and ask
all that what was just received
bee they hints of future or past?

beeing brought into the present
adding positive change that will last
a sweet reminder as part of
our beecoming

gagi     03/12/14