two very different perceptions
distance vision
near vision
different focal lengths
different timelines

what we see and can define
has been the way of these times
yet it is only a fraction of all that is

what is near, can be touched
or witnessed as such
is a physical representation of beauty

this vision we call seeing
is tied to our believing
and influences all that we do

a different perception
leads to a question
what’s in the distance that we cannot see?

this distance is immeasurable
this understanding is treasurable
for it takes us to the journey within

to focus within 
and clear all held perceptions
frees our minds from comparing 
and making up questions

we are then free to receive from the quantum reality
and to understand the multi-dimensional actuality
experiencing a full spectrum of diverse perceptions
combined with our near vision we answer the question

what we cannot see does not mean it cannot be
by travelling within we access the new
and with a bifocal lens we bring in what transcends
activating our evolutionary artistry
designing the new with a collaborative crew
creation with bifocal causation

gagi      02/14/19