The Infinite Road

The Infinite Road

travel the infinite road to within
let go of the outer, what’s beyond our skin
the outer we think is so expansively huge
does not compare to the inner refuge

the refuge we retreat to in stillness and silence
there where we seek to find comfort and balance
at some point we realize that this is our journey
an endless road – there is no “adjourn me”

each soul has a journey thru many lifetimes
and we are here to focus on the present
experiencing this within our personal timeline
we will understand what our journey has meant

we are here to infill the gaps in expression
of the love and of a presence divine
for what we are seeking, opportunities present
and how we respond is going to define

another measure of complexity
an intent to complete
our journey to expressing the love that we be
thereby paving the inner road
our pathway to the infinite

gagi      02/12/19