Blessings of the Universe

Blessings of the Universe

one universe into another
the movement occurring will allow us to discover
that fractals of time can optimize our growth
our lives and our love, an expansion of both

tapping into the beauty
with awareness and appreciation
sharing together
a global orchestration

going within
pulled into our hearts
with love so immense
a transformation now starts

the energetic vibration
of those living in the heart
allows the celestial mechanics
to initiate a kick start

we too become one
with the heart of the Earth
and a domino effect
brings a total rebirth

the Mother of Creation
has been called in once more
and a universal transference
rebirths from its core

a fractal total memory
of all that’s in balance
imprints the new design
of all embodying the Divine

and we are invited to be
practitioners of the new
an invitation to all
receipted awareness still by a few

let us intend
to leave no one behind
the power of love
most intense when combined

we’ll be shedding the old
old ways that weigh heavy
all we found taxing
our emotional levy

the Love and the life
the expansion of Light
ensphering our bodies
merging with others
feeling the inclusivity
knowing the intensity
will power the transference
of our embodied remembrance
exalted to the Divinity
absorbed by the infinity
of All That Is

the movement was initiated
by our evolution of our consciousness
the totality of potentiality
rests in how we become Love

gagi      07/30/16