What Wants to Be Expressed

What Wants to Be Expressed

what wants to be expressed
is coming into view
the remainder left to rest
to alter or undo

the junctioning of time
the centre of the web
the meeting of perspectives
the expansion at full ebb

the wisdom has been gathered
the love has been enhanced
creativity is now ignited
there’s a new story to be danced

a coming of to gather
witnessing the sanctity of birth
the gifting of our treasures
our collaborative self worth

all that each has cherished
now gifted to the whole
a celebrative reunion
whose wholeness was it’s goal

a returning with the treasures
of life times experiencing growth
exchanging, sharing stories
becoming wholeness and potential both

what wants to be expressed
is a blending of the whole
creating new forms and systems
to further our wholeness goal

an honouring of diversity
a curiosity to explore
with love the expression of our beingness
we’ll expand from the core once more

gagi      07/27/15