This Patient’s Dilema

This Patient’s Dilema
the powerful medicine
distorts his reality
what helps him or hampers
in this form of duality?
sometimes back to the basics
where simplicity rules
gives relief from the chemicals
with side effects sometimes cruel
meditation and prayer
offered to end
this patient’s own suffering
on us he depends
a prayer for happiness
a prayer for peace
a prayer for friendship
and all suffering released
a prayer to release
all past that has harmed him
an envisioning of a future
where he is in charge again
gratitude for the opportunity
to serve on his journey
let us surrender to love
and all of his yearnings
may this patient be well
and honoured for his courage
may love be the answer
may he not be discouraged
and is there still more
what can we offer?
good humour and gentleness
simple nutrition, ample water
socializing, exercising
and our heart-centred belief
the power of love
will soon bring him relief
gagi     07/24/16