Intimately Free

Intimately Free

spacial awareness being fine-tuned
fractal enlargement, definitive markers assumed
what is the upside, the inner, the host
as if an island, where is the coast?

are there no boundaries, no borders to define us?
is it simply to recognize a way to align us?
for truly does not one blend into another
are there not always similarities to uncover?

the quest is the ultimate road to understanding
and change that is constant is always demanding
to redefine the reference points, those journey markers
to share our awareness with our fellow embarkers

there is no path to oneness – it already exists
this awareness is crucial to those who enlist
into the force of creation and the power of love
to bring all our resources to create the new of

the new of the future, the bridging thru time
into a realm that mirrors the divine
sustaining the beauty, the balance of life
no longer suffering the painful, the strife

emerging into a new way of being
totally mindful, aware of our feeling
senses attuned to the desire to be
inclusive to the oneness, intimately free

gagi      07/19/16