By the Light of the Moon

By the Light of the Moon
precious are the secrets held in suspension
there to be accessed from every dimension
holy are the waters reflecting the Moon
reminding us more doorways will be opening soon
standing in awareness by the light of the Moon
bathed in her light – wrapped up like a cocoon
soon to be emerging into a new form
honouring, loving, what is about to be born
our gestation in the moonlight has been cycling on
thru eons of time warps from the dusk to the dawn
wrapped up in the layers of protection acquired
soon to be released – freed by a future inspired
by the light of the Moon there is movement
it is felt in our inner waters
the beginnings of emergence
witnessed by the heavenly spotters
the form unborn is sacred
and love awaits to receive
the beauty of a newborn
that our desires did conceive

gagi       08/01/15