A Slice of the Torus

A Slice of the Torus

let us explore the form of the torus
it is the shape of movement modelling for us
it is the shape of our energy field and that of the Earth’s
and as some evidence shows, is of a universe birthed

picture the flow from one pole to the other
returning thru the core then expanding to cover
and coating the field that is like that of an aura
become just one photon so we can explore her

birthed from the core that is empty and still
the place of creation, photons burst forth until
following their desire to return to the Mother
they cycle around in a dance with each other

outwards with speed and arcing into a curve
that follows a line if you were to observe
out from the core, following the skin
up into the core to back where we begin

many such photons, energy spheres
making this journey, acting as mirrors
carrying the info gathered on their cycles
returning to the place of creation to recycle

blending together, making exchanges
new creation is formed as all rearranges
take then a slice thru the middle of the torus
so easy to do, the torus is porous

slice at the equator, as if of an apple
and open it up to see this example
an empty space in the core, a circular rim
now divide like in pie slices and look further within

more a slice of an apple, not a flat pie
unless it’s a double decker with whipped cream piled high
the content of this slice merges with the one left and right
and all of the content contains holographic might

the surging, the merging of creations designed
have a common intent that all stay aligned
no solid foundation but a structure of sorts
allows for formation at the encoding ports

picture the motion, seek out examples
research the history and artistic samples
the slice of the torus shows channels and alignments
where like-energies gather to combine their assignments

to emerge and submerge, to be visible and unseen
the photons are dancing creating the meme
passages of time are oft not dependant
on creation’s ability to amend the ascendant

capture the quality of the torus’s repeat
movement, always movement, never complete
saturated with energies, attracted to others
the photon designed for what it discovers

the inward, the silence, unseen and transformative
the outward exhibiting a newness that’s formative
all is expanding, with a wanting to become
more than the messenger, more than the sum

movement of the living, movement of the divine
creation’s assembly of the transformers’ spine
supporting the structures, balancing the memes
blending the potentiality of co-creators’ dreams

gagi      07/27/15