each life is a segue into the next
the option is to go into decline
each life is a precious way to exist
in harmony with space over time

consciously being, enthralled with the way
choices can be easily made
the coming together of pathways aligned
results in creation’s cascade

fashioned from a desire to improve over time
all we observe in decay
released from the leg-holds that were holding us back
we’re freed to be on our way

we have company here on this journey of ours
multi-dimensional librarians
our records are held and shared with the rest
we are seen as immature egotarians

our potential is such that the others are here
to witness as our cycles keep spinning
they can help us dissolve the past that we’ve had
so we may start with a fresh new beginning

such opportunities we have to recognize what we’ve done
and change our ways and direction
by going into our hearts and connecting all ports
we’ll find maps to the next intersection

gagi       07/22/15