Campaigning to Win

Campaigning to Win

to win in this case is reaching our potential
and as that is unlimited, a plan is essential
first let us not think our abilities are limited
when working together the potential is infinitive

the infinite power of sharing a goal
dissolves separation as we work as a whole
each holds a vision for family and self
for community, territory, sharing true wealth

the wealth of our nation and all that’s within
starts with our personal gifts – that is where to begin
let each constituency now seek out the one
to represent not themselves but the community’s sum

a person so respected – known for walking their talk
who honours all others, a wise community rock
who holds a vision for a future that is growing and clear
where all can live peacefully with an absence of fear

this candidate that is identified must also possess
a passion to serve and collaborate with the rest
let us first work towards completing our list
having a candidate in every riding so no one is missed

we want all to be represented
we are the grassroots
we have proven leadership
whose own accomplishments she mutes

a compassion for seeing the suffering addressed
she works tirelessly, daily, giving it her best
best parliamentarian of the year, hardest working MP
best orator in the house, voted thus by her peers who can see

the qualities of leadership second to none
let’s give her the opportunity to show what can be done
let us stir up the passion of the young and the elders
our first nations, the scientists, the farmers and welders

school teachers, health workers, artists and composers
all segments of our cultures, initiators and closers
women of the country, we’ve fought for the right to vote
we have the power to shape the future for our children, take note

let us all participate, let us show the country how
by cherishing our differences, show how diversity can allow
more perspectives to emerge blending to create new solutions
implementing systems that are sustainable and ending pollutions

by focusing on what is working and sharing our gifts
by sitting in circle, listening to and debating all rifts
by heralding the scientists whose work provides new solutions
by supporting the access to educational institutions

let us radiate our desire to bring positive change
our country has the opportunity to totally rearrange
all of our systems, antiquated and broken
we have now the means, let it be spoken

voice now our support for Elizabeth May
she is the key to initiate and exercise the new way
believing in collaboration she works with us all
listen to your hearts and answer the call

let us support her as she travels this land
by paying it forward we can give her a hand
providing accommodation and venues for letting her speak
paying for her travel to the next community she will meet

we don’t need to advertise against all the others
we just need to speak to our sisters and brothers
never before has the choice been so clear
for Elizabeth May, Green Party, join us as we cheer!

gagi      07/21/15