Caricatures are often used
to expose our unique strong features
Character etched on our faces show
life experiences are oft our teachers

The physical form can often mask
the true character held within
For a caricature of the soul you are
where would an artist begin?

What is your soul’s purpose?
What have you done?
What is the journey
that you have begun?

An artist may be inspired
by why you are here
But it is your unique qualities
that he/she will hold dear

The kindness, the strength
your artist will explore
The patience, determination,
the courage and more

And as he/she uncovers
the character within
the most beautiful etching
she/he’s sure to begin

Focusing on your strong points
the unique combo you are
Painting colours from within you
radiating out like a star

Your colours are your mastery
They are blended with love
Has this artist who has captured you
had a glimpse of you from above?

Your desire, your willingness,
your heart-centred drive
qualities working together
as in a bee hive

This artist who captures you
can see within your wealth
These qualities are treasures
Recognize them yourself

Sometimes a work of art
is recognized much later

Do you realize???

The artist who has painted you
is the Creator

gagi     TBL