The Pivot Point

The Pivot Point

The pivot point
is critical to
the balancing act
of the New

In the past
some would steal
to fill basic needs
such as a meal

And the tales of Robin Hood
every version showed he stood
to take from those wealthy
who hoarded their wealth
and give to the needy
sharing the more, gifting health

The New is here
The die have been cast
We have but this chance
to balance and last

And this will not happen
if one must steal to survive
Take a good look
It is simple to revive

To revive a way of living
To balance and sustain
To live here in harmony
in the Way that all can gain

So simple, so simple
The Way of the New
It’s as ancient as any plan
for balance can do

The answer is gifting
gifting all that we can
Gifting our abundance
must be our new plan

What do we need?
What do we use?
What part of our abundance
can be gifted to infuse?

Infuse what is needed
so others can live
Providing simple necessities
which many can give

If we look at our families
and our communities here
where is the pivot point
to bring balance near?

If we share what we have
and receive love in return
we create a new balance
and will cherish what we learn

gagi     TBL