Carried on the Wind

Carried on the Wind

feeling it, hearing it
carried on the wind
receiving it, loving it
the veils truly have thinned

quantum realization
of the expansion of the now
glimpses, visions, messages
they’re showing us how

listen to the seers
become one yourself
being a receiver of
multi-dimensional wealth

the consciousness is growing
feel the awareness expand
seeing the love and the beauty
in each other is the plan

seek to see the spark
that is in each and in all
that spark of love can kindle
and be the answer to the call

carried on the wind
calling us together
bringing our uniqueness
light as a feather

carried by the wind
a part of the whole
into the oneness
with love as our goal

listen to the whispers
feel it on your face
and sometimes the stillness
a moment of grace

the peace, the joy, the beauty
has always been here
to recognize and honour this
brings our dreamed of future near

gagi     06/16/14