the sun brought thru the colours of the dawn
thru a crack in the horizon it brightly shone
for a few moments only it lit up the city
dazzling gold bounced off windows
both awesome and pretty

the bejewelled city was exposed for a moment
then the sun rose behind a cloudy encloakment
and the question asked by the observer at dawn
was how to hold that image now that it’s gone

a glimpse of the golden
a vestibule contained
a doorway to heaven
a concept reframed

to savour the beauty
to hold it within
to be gifted with insight
on how a day can begin

how to return to this vestibule
between the night and the day
to honour the potential
of all that we say

to see within others
the light that they are
to magnify their brilliance
so they shine as a star

to shine our light too
until the vestibule dissolves
and all can exist in the golden
the golden evolved

gagi     05/28/14