to open
to balance
to harmonize
the elemental
each as a wheel
inflow and outflow spin
that all begin
base of the spine
colour it red
and bringing up
as the wheels spin
focusing in
to the second chakra
central belly
colour of orange
moving up the spine
spin again
below the ribs
colour it yellow
then chakra 4
we feel into it more
the heart and green
then as before
rise up
wheel of the throat
top of the spine
cloud of deep blue
now to the third eye
from where we spy
indigo blue
one more chakra
number 7
top of the head
next to heaven
colour of violet
spin all and blend
let them flow
in and out go
seeing their glow
spinning each chakra
spilling the colours
for ourselves and for others
into and gifted to Mother Earth
gagi   02/18/22