flying above
viewing below
situations simmering
all seem aglow

differences heated
by lack of understanding
wanting to be right
often demanding

sometimes between two
but often much more
organizations, companies
even countries at war

it is time for each one
to sit down and feel
what can we do to
end suffering and heal

what can we birth
co-conceived by us all
a harmonious world
with no divisional wall

it is simple, so simple
as we’ll very soon discover
letting go of the past
and honouring each as our mother

a mother who birthed us
nurtured and taught
loved us unconditionally
gave what we sought

yes to different perspectives
the richness of diversity
now to honour our differences
and co-conceive a new nursery

a nursery full
of new ways to be
nurtured along
until all can be free
no more war
no more suffering
empowered to be
living in harmony
looking after all three
you, me and we

gagi      11/29/14