Separated by Death

Separated by Death

separated by death
is this our belief?
when passing from this world
can be a relief

why is there fear
and a wish to hang on
to our loved ones departing?
where do they belong?

for most on this planet
past lives are erased
memories gone of the journeys
attended then rephased

opportunities abound
and our lives are expanded
by the experiences gleaned
by what our purpose demanded

and then at some point
our journey’s completed
and hearing the call
our energy’s depleted

sometimes it is swift
sometimes extended
but departing from here
does not mean life has ended

a glorious welcome
awaits when we pass
the full energy of Love
from a real looking glass

we see who we are
and who we have been
grateful for the beauty
of all that is seen

and are we apart
from those who we shared
a journey of loving
who knew that we cared?

there is no separation
between lives here and beyond
because we can’t see them
doesn’t mean that they’re gone

and so we must ask
and search now within
are we asking them to stay
when they’re ready to begin?

gagi       12/03/14