when we suffer from pain or an illness
could that too be an illusion?
from a different perspective
could we achieve a whole state transfusion?

the power of our thoughts and of our minds
affects all that we are all of the time
by practicing mindfulness we can all learn
to live aware of the present and thereby discern

how we are feeling within and without
what is affecting us and what that’s about
then shifting responses and intentionally changing
our thoughts, our emotions, our physical rearranging

sitting up straight and lengthening our spines
noticing we’re thirsty, being aware of the signs
removing ourselves from a noise that’s disturbing
not responding to a provocation that was previously disconcerting

seeing blades of grass and not just the lawn
noticing the awakening of all with the dawn
tasting, hearing and smelling with intent
to discover the wonders for what senses were meant

knowing what we want and constantly reasserting
responsive awareness with the ability for converting
challenges on all levels of body, mind and spirit
using love as our language so every cell can hear it

evolving ourselves into all we can be
simply by practicing how we respond and we see
knowing how and when to act or observe
affecting the outcome so we consciously serve

serving a purpose for which we all live
connected to others and wanting to give
knowing we share in the suffering that exists
and doing our part so it no longer persists

to create a future that will be our children’s
bringing balance to all, we are the pilgrims
where beauty and love and mindfulness blend
and the suffering of all beings comes to an end

gagi     12/04/14